Custom Order · 2019/11/08
One day, I received an interesting message from the U.S. Then I created an Aikido's certification on a wall scroll in the first time. It was challenging, but I could created by myself with my best!

Custom Order · 2019/10/16
One of my friend asked me to draw a picture about his guest house.

Custom Order · 2019/10/05
This is an image of talking their dreams in a circle in a Japanese traditional warehouse. One of my friends ordered me to create this. He wants to make this kind of space with using cloud funding.

Custom Order · 2019/01/20
I designed a logo of a new guest house! This logo was printed on a paper lantern which will be decorated on the entrance. I was so excited when I saw this lantern!

Custom Order · 2018/12/30
I created logos of “Golden Plum” and “The plum production union” The image is ripe plums, some design looks like Japanese sake bottle! These logos are used for a traditional Japanese uniform “Happi” and this banner-flag🚩 I’m so happy with them! Thank you so much!!