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Custom Order Wall Scroll

Let's create a folding wall scroll of a quote or your name in Japanese Kanji.


Custom Quote:

we can help you to translate your favorite quote in Japanese. Then we'll create a Japanese calligraphy artwork of the quote on a folding wall scroll.


Name in Kanji: 

After you ordered, a list of Kanji and their meanings that similar to the pronunciation of name you ordered. Please choose your favorite Kanjis from the list. Then we'll create your Kanji name on a scroll.


Name Postcard in Kanji

"Kanji" is Japanese character that each character has a variety of pronunciations and meanings.

Depending on the combination of them, it is possible to create a variety of names.


For example, Emma /émə/ can be various Kanji names as follow;


   笑満:笑/é/- smile

              満/mə/ - full, fully


   恵真:恵/é/- blessing, charity

              真/mə/ - true, truth


You can choose your favorite meanings of Kanjis by yourself, which similarly pronounce your name. Then we write your name with handwriting.

Let's create Your Own Kanji Name which has great meanings! 


In addition, our artworks are really good as gifts for your family members and friends :)

Shall we create the Kanji Name Postcards for them?


If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, we are happy to write your name postcard in front of you at a guest house in Kyoto.

It will be a good experience for you to watch a live performance of Japanese calligraphy! 

Price:  1,000JPY / 1 name on 1 postcard 

Postage:  520JPY to all over the world

Total price:  1,520JPY


Accessory: A meaning card of your Kanji Name in English translation

How to order? It's 3 steps!

Step 1  


When you place your order on Etsy, please text your desired name and the phonetic pronunciations in the Personalize box.





Step 2


You will receive a list of Kanji and their meanings that similar to the pronunciation of name you ordered. 


Please choose your favorite Kanjis from the list, then tell me your choice.


Enjoy thinking!! :D

Step 3


I will create your order-made artwork and show its photo data. If you like it, I ship the item to you as soon as possible.


It may take around 2 weeks to ship one to Europe and North America.