The First Creation of a BIG Wall Scroll

I received a message from the U.S. A client asked me to help creating a certification of on a wall scroll. I haven't created this kind of order, but I wanted to help him because he has looked for a calligraphy artist for a long time. Then finally he found me!


     This is a 6th grade certification of Aikido. 


     It was easy for me to write down the calligraphy part on a white Japanese paper. However, pasting this artwork on a big wall scroll (140cm×50㎝)was really difficult!! 

The creation of wall scrolls with a professional process is extremely complicated, difficult and expensive is Japan... I wanted to create a wall scroll not only beautiful but also less expensive by myself.

     The first time I tried to paste one, but it has many winkles... I couldn't satisfied with the first one. So I tried to create again with a different method! 


     The result was... YES!! I could create very smooth and beautiful wall scroll!! :)))


     It was a very challenging opportunity to deal with a custom order. And exciting experience! I'd like to expand a type of artworks!